Rhyta Arcade

Jacob Allred

I’m always looking to start new, zero maintenance sites. A website only has to earn about $1/month in order to be profitable, so even a tiny low-earning site can bring in long-term profit.

My latest zero maintenance site is Rhyta Arcade, a free Flash game arcade site. My games come from Mochi (which is great because they insert pre-roll ads into the games and pay CPM/PPC for them) so I don’t have to do any hard work on getting them into my site. I have AdSense on every page to earn a little from advertising. Mix in a bit of traffic and voila! An instant (low) profit center!

So how is it doing? In its first 27 days it has earned $1.07, more than the goal of $1/month! While I wouldn’t call this a raging success, it definitely looks promising and, if the trend continues, was well worth the ~2 hours I put into developing the site.