Read Adobe Digital Editions ebooks on your Kindle

Jacob Allred

I don’t have a real Kindle, but I do like the Kindle app on my wife’s iPad, my iPod Touch, my computer, my phone, etc. Recently there was an awesome deal to get The Hunger Games trilogy for only $3.06 total:

  1. The Hunger Games for $0.83 with promo code HUNGERGAMESDEAL
  2. Catching Fire for $1.16 with promo code HUNGERGAMESDEAL2
  3. Mockingjay for $1.07 with promo code HUNGERGAMESDEAL3

The deal may still be valid, not sure. Feel free to give it a shot.

The problem was the ebooks were only available in Adobe Digital Editions format. Adobe has some fine software, but I’d rather read it on a Kindle. So I searched Google and found how to remove the DRM, convert to Kindle format, and load the book into my Kindle software.

First, you need to make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. It is free and takes about 2 minutes to install.

Next, load your purchased books into Adobe Digital Editions. For me, this was as easy as clicking the “download” button at the site that I purchased the books from. The books were downloaded and opened in Adobe Digital Editions automatically for me.

Adobe ebooks use DRM to keep you from doing what you want with the book that you paid for. Lame. Use this awesome free DRM removal tool to strip the DRM out. That page has clear instructions on how to use the application.

The last step is to install Calibre. When you set it up, be sure to tell it you have a Kindle. It lets you set up a Kindle email address (view your Amazon account or your Kindle software if you aren’t sure what your Kindle email address is). Once Calibre is installed, it is pretty easy to add your books, right click on a book, then go to Connect/share ->Email to Calibre will convert your ebook then email it to Amazon.

Once Amazon gets the book, it will make it available to your devices. This can take 5-15 minutes, so be patient.

It may sound complicated at first, but really the whole process takes maybe 5 minutes. Anyways, the process worked great for me. I finished reading The Hunger Games yesterday, and my wife isn’t far behind. I’m waiting for her to finish the first book before I move on to the second. Hopefully she hurries because I’m dying to know what happens next!