Phone charger caddy thing

Jacob Allred

Phone caddy

A few months ago my wife and I got a bad case of insomnia, so we decided to create a cell phone charger caddy thing. Basically it is a little phone holder that sits on your phone charger plug, so you don’t have to set your phone on the floor.

We used a piece of cardboard from the back of a pad of paper to give it some strength, and created a loop to hold the phone. Some designs use a pocket, but we decided a loop would allow it to hold my phone, my wife’s phone, or a friend’s phone, without having to worry too much about how big the phone is.

We also found that phones are heavy and the plug didn’t hold the whole thing up too well, so we added a small piece of velcro to the pack to attach it directly to the outlet.

Anyways, it was fun to make, looks great, and lets us charge our phones in the living room without taking up any extra space.

In progress