Jacob Allred

My wife recently introduced me to Hyperbole and a Half, an absolutely hilarious web comic. Reading it has gotten me wanting to make some comics of my own, but I’m not very good and don’t have enough ideas to make a whole site out of it, so I’m going to throw a couple in to this blog as I come up with them.

For my first comic, I’d like to talk about perceptions. I’ve often noticed that how I see myself and how others see me isn’t always the same.

How I See Myself

I see myself as a relatively happy, normal person. The grass is fairly green, the sun is sunny enough, and although my smile may be a bit crooked, it is still a smile. I say “hi” when I see someone I know at the super market. I’m grateful for the many things I’ve been blessed with. Life is good.

How Others See Me

I’ve come to realize, however, that some people (namely, everyone except me) see me as a negative person. I’ve never quite figured out why. Maybe I’m just blind to my own faults. Maybe other people have unrealistic views of the world. Maybe I have unrealistic views of the world.

Maybe the world doesn’t exist at all. Maybe I’m sitting in a coma in a hospital somewhere, imagining everything going on around me.

Maybe I shouldn’t stay up until after midnight attempting to make homemade yogurt. Maybe I should have read the instructions better so I could have started earlier.

Maybe I shouldn’t make comics. Maybe you should just read about Allie’s mentally challenged dog instead.