Oracle rocks!

Jacob Allred

Goodies from Oracle

Curtis, an Oracle employee, contacted me a week or two ago to ask for permission to use data from the Fake Name Generator at Oracle. I freely license the data under both a Creative Commons license and the GPLv3. While these licenses are wonderful licenses for people working on open projects, they leave a bit to be desired for closed-source commercial projects.

Because I like Oracle and I know they aren’t going to do anything nefarious with my data, I promptly gave Curtis and Oracle permission to use the data from the Fake Name Generator under the CC license without the “Share Alike” condition. This basically gives them permission to use it however they want as long as they give me credit.

As a “thank you”, Curtis sent me a couple fun goodies: an Oracle pen, hat, t-shirt, and coffee hot cocoa mug. I’m looking forward to the next casual Friday at work!

Just one more reason I love Oracle. :)