New Lyrics for Flavor of the Week by American Hi-Fi

Jacob Allred

Elder Whitehurst made these:

It’s Monday night and we’re not alone We’re together with our zone We wait for mail but it don’t come And we’re looking pretty bummed But then the zone leaders appear And they tell me news I want to hear The mission cut by half a year


My mission, it was fun, but I’m glad now it’s done I’ll go home, Nintendo, I wish that this could truly be I would be home later this week…

It’s Tuesday day and there’s no way That I’m getting out of bed The P-day’s here, my comps a queer And these hot girls live really near So I think that we’re alone, but there Mom calls president on the phone, and It looks like I’ll be going home


It’s Wednesday morn, a new transfers born And I’m feelin pretty worn 6 weeks to go, the works not slow It’ll be over before I know I’ll get off the plane to cheers My ex-girlfriend will be in tears This is not what I had feared