New ABA number search site

Jacob Allred

I’ve launched (or rather, my company has launched) a new site that makes it easy to look up banks, routing numbers, ABA numbers, and other ABA related info.

ABA Number Lookup is super easy to use and can be incredibly useful. Lets say you need your bank’s routing number, but they have a thousand help pages and the routing number is buried deep within them. Go to ABA Number Lookup, punch in the bank name, and voila! Every routing number used by the bank is displayed. An ACH services phone number for the bank if displayed as well in case you need/want to call to verify the number.

I am also working on a free API that will go along with the site. The API will allow you to make a query against my database for a specific ABA/routing number. If the routing number is found, it will return the appropriate bank information. If it isn’t found, then you know the number is invalid. Many places charge as much as $0.50 per query for this data! Insane, right? The data is free so we are going to provide access to the data for free, too.

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