My first stay-at-home-dad merit badge

Jacob Allred

Merit Badge

A few months ago my wife made me stay-at-home-dad merit badges to encourage me to do the things she wants me to do. Well, they are for things I’d like me to do, too. The badge is a little rough but keep in mind that it only took her 2 minutes to make. Personally, I think it is awesome.

I’ve finally put forth the effort to earn one. I’ve earned the “take your baby for a walk 5 days in a row” badge. We’ve walked 8.52 miles together this week, not counting the numerous miles hauling the baby around stores and church.

I’ve been using the Endomondo Pro app to track my walks. It was on sale for $0.10 back in December. I’d never paid for an app before but for 10 cents I couldn’t resist. Realistically the free version does everything a normal person would want though, so I’d highly recommend checking it out.