Mobile Money

Jacob Allred

I’ve been wanting to make an iPhone app for the Fake Name Generator for months. The problem is, I don’t own a Mac, an iPhone, and the half dozen developers that have promised to make me an app haven’t actually done so. To make it worse, the Android has come out, creating yet another platform that I’d want an app for. Frustrating.

I decided if I can’t have an app, I’ll just make a mobile version of the FNG that works well on the iPhone and Android. I don’t have either of those, so I’ve been using the Android emulator that works in Eclipse. With just a few hours work, I was able to get a decent looking and fully-functioning trimmed down mobile version of the FNG.

I finished it last night, threw an AdSense for Mobile ad on it, and made $1.26 off of it before I woke up this morning. It hasn’t been long enough to know if I’ll get steady revenue from this page, but I’m optimistic.

If you have an iPhone or Android, check out the mobile FNG.