Linux Mint Tips and Tricks

Jacob Allred

I use Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, almost exclusively. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way:

  1. To get a panel from one monitor to the other, hold down alt while dragging the panel with the mouse.
  2. To connect to a Windows using remote desktop, use the Terminal Server Client application.
  3. To make Terminal Server Client capable of connecting to VNC hosts, install the xtightvncviewer: sudo apt-get install xtightvncviewer
  4. To find files modified in the past 3 days, use Terminal and this command: find . -mtime -3
  5. To be able to minimize any application to the system tray, install AllTray: sudo apt-get install alltray
  6. If you need a color picker that can get colors from anything you can see on your screen, try Gpick.

Maybe you’ll find these useful, maybe not. This post is more for my benefit so I don’t have to worry about losing these tidbits of knowledge in the future.

Do you have any good Linux Mint tips?