Interview with ABC WJBF-TV

Jacob Allred

So I just finished a phone interview with Paige Tucker of WJBF (an ABC affiliate in Augusta, GA). Looks like they just found my Fake Name Generator site and wanted to do a short piece on it. My guess is the story will be on identity theft or something similar, and will probably result in a pile of angry emails in my inbox, but it is still fun to get on TV.

So the interview was pretty tame. We talked for a few minutes about my site: what is it for, who uses it, does it make money (I mentioned that we give 15% gross revenue to charity), why did I start it, things like that. Then she called me back on a different line to actual record a few snippets for the show. Same sort of questions: why did I start it, is it dangerous, etc etc.

So I’m going to be keeping an eye on their site to see if I pop up in a video clip. I’ll post it here if I find it.