I Am Reading: Lots of stuff!

Jacob Allred

So you may have noticed that on the right of the site I list what I’m reading. Previously, I displayed this info using the I Am Reading plugin for Wordpress. It lets you put in a single ISBN, and it will magically display the cover and link it to Amazon.

But who reads only one book at a time?

Okay, maybe lots of people do, but I don’t. I “read” a book in the car (i.e., I listen to books on CD), I read a book at work, and I read a book at home. Sometimes I’ll have a couple books going at either work or home.

So I spent a few minutes digging into the I Am Reading source code to try to make it let me specify more than one ISBN. I spent about 15 minutes doing this before I realized I’m probably not the first person to want this functionality.

So I found a better plugin: Amazon Showcase. With this plugin I can list as many books as I want, and it will display a nice big thumbnail of the cover and link it to Amazon for me, and it didn’t require any source code changes. Yay!