Hehe fun stuff found in research...

Jacob Allred

Okay so I’ve found a few things that I find kind of funny while researching myself online, and thought I’d share a few:

RESPONSE Archives — April 1996, week 3 (#407)

This funny little listserv archive contains my answers to “KIDLINK List: Answers to 4 Questions (age 10-15)“. I have absolutely no memory of EVER filling this thing out. It is a bit odd, too, because it says I’m going to Pleasant Valley School (located in, you guessed it, Pleasant Valley, California) but that I’m living in Folsom, CA.

But the part that is funny, is this question: How do I want the world to be better when I grow up? And my response: Okay.

Wow. Even at this early age you can see the deepness of my thoughts and my concern for the future welfare of this planet. ;o)

VB.NET - Code Sample - Marble Solitaire Game - mredkj.com

On this page, Eric Dalnas comments on how much he liked the marble solitaire game I made and posted at Planet Source Code. Whats fun about it is I was only 14 when I wrote that program. Currently it is rated 5.5 (that’s really high BTW) by 101 users, included 7 excellent ratings. I actually won an award for this code. It was very nice. Now where did those skills go? Seriously. I haven’t written software in years. Of course, I haven’t had any need to. Everything I want done has already been done in a nice convenient freeware format. Maybe if I had a good idea. Like a MMORPG or something…

April 6, 2001 — Gift Relating to the Book of Mormon

Update 2020-04-29: This website went offline so I’ve removed the link.

Personally I think most of this guys website is a little crazy, but my name appears in it. I used to be the editor for several LDS related categories at DMOZ, and put one of his sites in the “cool” category (because it is cool, even if it is crazy). Of course, he read more into it than he should have because it happened to be on Halloween, but nevertheless my name will forever be enshrined on this crazy little site. There are tons more out there. I found a lot more after excluding sites containing “Michael Jacob Allred”, who died in Iraq apparently. Its crazy the stuff floating around out there. Try it out sometime. Do a search for yourself. If you’ve been using the internet for awhile, then you’ll be surprised what comes up.