Hand-held shower heads rock

Jacob Allred

So Becca and I were at Lowe’s last night picking out dishwashers, sinks, refrigerators, cabinets and so forth, and I remembered that I wanted a new shower head, so he headed to the shower head aisle.

After much deliberation, I chose the hand-held Waterpik Powerspray plus Pulsating Message with optiFLOW with 6 Unique Flow Settings for $24.98. Pretty fancy name, eh? And not too bad of a price, either.

So to use the new shower head, I need to remove the old one. But oh no! I didn’t have a wrench! Joey wasn’t home, so I decided to go through his stuff looking for a wrench. I couldn’t find one, but I did find a vise, so I clamped it on to the shower head and off it came! (Actually it took a freaking lot of effort to get it off, and I tried a few dozen other tools before I finally realized I could use the vise, but it makes me look more MacGyver-ish if I pretend I immediately thought to use the vise…)

The new shower head went on in like 5 seconds, and it works amazingly! Like seriously! The old shower head barely put out enough pressure to get the shampoo out of my hair, but this thing has this crazy pulse setting that can literally wash your skin off of your body (not literally).

Anyways I just wanted to congratulate myself on the ingenuity of using a vise as a wrench.