Grumpy Crinkles

Jacob Allred

So Becca gets grumpy fairly often and it is surprisingly fun when she does (most of the time) because it gives me the opportunity to find new and creative ways to cheer her up. It can be a lot more difficult than it sounds because Becca doesn’t always want to be cheered up, so I have to sort of trick her into it.

Recently she was exceedingly grumpy and was resisting my attempts to cheer her up, and then I commented on the crinkles that form between her eyebrows when she gets grumpy and how I think they are cute, and it was hilarious because suddenly she was interested in her grumpy crinkles and what they look like. She even went to the mirror to “practice” her crinkling and to see if they really are cute.

Anyways, girls are funny, especially my Becca.