Geocaching Adventure

Jacob Allred

So yesterday I went geocaching with Becca and it was crazy fun! In case you don’t know what geocaching is, I’ll give a short intro to it. Basically, people hide stuff (commonly just a sheet of paper in a candy container, but often a bunch of trinkets in an ammo can or even bigger) and then you use a GPS and the provided coordinates to find it.

So basically we both really sucked at it (at first at least). We were tromping through the woods and getting ticks and fighting off ax murderers and all kinds of crazy stuff, but eventually we got the hang of it and found 5 caches. Some of them were pretty hard to find, too. Like one was at a mental hospital and we were looking forever and finally Becca was like “I FOUND IT!“. The dang person who hid it wrapped it in camo tape and put it in a tree stump.

So anyways I highly recommend you take a friend geocaching in your area, because it is VERY fun and surprisingly rewarding, considering most of them just have a logbook.