Funny Blog Spam

Jacob Allred

Anyone who has a blog is used to blog spam. Basically, people run programs that will find blogs and put spam in the comments. Some of these programs try to disguise the spam by making it sound like a real message. Fortunately, my spam blocker catches 99.99% of all spam, and the rest is pretty easy to filter out on my own.

But anyways, I’m writing this because sometimes the blog spam is pretty funny. I get this one almost every day:

hi,your blog is google ! I like it very much! I™m agreeable to your point of view! I hope to make feiends with you ! please remember me .my name is 深圳机票 of chinese. I come from hongkong.

Hehehe.. My blog is google? What the crap does that mean? And he wants to be my feiend? The chinese characters are always the part linked to the spam page (which is clever.. most people will click them to find out what the chinese characters mean..).

I don’t get why people bother nowadays. Anyone who knows anything runs Akismet so none of the spam gets through, and half the time the spam is malformed so it won’t show up properly anyway.