First day at Geekdom

Jacob Allred

View from my desk

Last week I visited Geekdom, a collaborative co-working place, to take a tour and see what they were all about. The website is a bit tedious to navigate, but the facility is awesome. It takes up 2 floors of the Weston Centre in downtown San Antonio, and includes a kitchen full of free goodies, recreation areas (gaming consoles, ping pong table, arcade games), community areas (desks, tables, chairs, bean bags), an electronics room (robotics, circuits..), a small computer book lending library, conference rooms, and offices. Members can check-in when they get there so you can easily see who is around, which makes it easy to network and meet new people.

I liked what I saw so I opted for a dedicated desk in an office. Each office hosts a few individual members, so I’ll have a couple office mates that may or may not be there at any given time. My desk is on the 11th floor and overlooks the famous River Walk. Some offices have fun names like Contra and Zelda, but my office is just named A. Kind of boring. Oh well.

Today has been my first day at Geekdom. I threw a monitor into my backpack and hauled my desktop computer up from the parking lot and got to work! Well, sort of. I checked my email, checked my RSS feeds, read some deal forums, had lunch, and THEN I got to work. Not much different than when I had a day job I suppose. :)

Anyways, if you are ever in San Antonio and want to work on some web stuff, let me know and we can hang out at Geekdom together.