Fake Name Generator Updates

Jacob Allred

Wow. Lots of changes today.

First, fixed quite a few bugs. There was some corruption in the data, and some inaccurate data, so I cleaned that up. Fixed a few typos, too. Also fixed the bug where credit card numbers weren’t being saved. And the bug where the gender selection links don’t work if you are viewing a saved identity. On the server side, I updated the queries to be much much more efficient. Hopefully this will make the server happier during busy hours.

Made some improvements, too. The main page now shows random genders by default, with the option to select a specific gender. You can also download a vCard file containing your basic identity information (name, address, etc.).

The API is also up and running. It is REAL basic, but it should work for now. We’ll see how it goes and make changes as necessary.

Been getting a few people buying bulk names to use for whatever purpose. Hurray! I can pay the web hosting bill!

Some upcoming features: