Buying glasses online

Jacob Allred

Recently, I’ve been having some trouble reading small print on my monitor. After talking to my wife, I realized that my vision just isn’t what it used to be.

After getting my prescription, we hit up Sam’s Club and found a nice pair that would cost $127 plus 5% sales tax. Yikes! I just need a pair for when I’m at the computer.

So I took my search online and found Glasses Shop. I checked out their cheapest glasses and, with my wife’s help, picked a pair.

12 days later and I am wearing my brand new pair of glasses! For $27.40 I have a decent looking pair of glasses, a hard case, a soft bag, a cleaning cloth, and one of those little key chain eyeglass tools. They aren’t quite as good looking as the pair we found at Sam’s, but they cost $105.95 less and it isn’t like I’m trying to impress any girls where I work (except on days that I work from home).