Busch Gardens Shenanigans

Jacob Allred

Some say that the Alpengeist is the scariest thing to do at Busch Gardens, some say the Griffon, and some say one of the other “scary” roller coasters. However, I disagree. My vote for the scariest thing to do at Busch Gardens goes to “meeting Becca’s parents”.

Okay so it really wasn’t that bad. They’re cool people and they didn’t hate me or anything (at least not openly), but the anticipation leading up to “meeting the parents” is quite unpleasant to say the least. But like I said, it wasn’t that bad. Her dad even bought me dinner and (without his knowledge) paid for me to see the new Harry Potter. And to top it off, Busch Gardens today was a blast!

Surprisingly, Becca agreed to go on the Griffon first thing, which I’ve been wanting to go on since I heard of it. It was considerably shorter (both in duration and height) than I expected, but it was still really fun. Went on a few other rides and had a good time. Becca and I burned out on the roller coasters pretty quick though, so we had to find something else to do to keep ourselves occupied.

So this is the point in the story where I start to do the whole “the names in this story have been replaced to protect the innocent” sort of thing. We’ll call the characters in this story “Martin” and “Eileen”. So Martin and Eileen needed something to do to keep us them busy, so we they decided to take a peek at the gift shop. In the gift shop they discovered one of those penny smashing machines that cost 2 quarters and a penny, and out comes a flattened penny with a logo on it. Well Martin and Eileen had a penny, but they didn’t have 2 quarters. Being quick thinkers, our heroes headed over to the fountain in Germany and alas! Many quarters! In went Eileen’s empty hand and out came Eileen’s considerably wetter hand filled with 2 quarters! Hurray!

They rushed back to the magical penny machine but, alas, it was broken. Luckily there was another one, and to make a long story short, Martin and Eileen ended up rescuing many coins from many fountains, and each of our heroes ended up with a neat little flat penny. The End.

Wasn’t that a nice story? Anyways, after Busch Gardens we went and saw the new Harry Potter movie at the IMAX. It was pretty cool! I’m not even a huge Harry Potter fan and I still liked it. Much darker than the previous movies though. Definitely moving out of the young child category.

Anyways, I’m totally beat and need sleep. Adios.