Borrowing Kindle books for free

Jacob Allred

Everyone with a Kindle is probably aware of the ability to borrow a book for free every month if you have a Prime membership, but there are other ways to borrow books, too.

Borrow from your local library. Many local libraries now offer the ability to borrow Kindle books for free. Sadly, the company that manages most of these programs (OverDrive) doesn’t provide all libraries with the same selection. For example, my local library only has a few hundreds ebooks (maybe 300 total) and many aren’t in Kindle format. They do have some popular books though, like the Twilight series, so it is worth checking with your library before purchasing an ebook or trying to borrow it from somewhere else.

Borrow from Many publishers allow you to lend your own ebooks at least once to anyone you want. helps you find people that want to borrow the books you have, and helps you find people that are willing to lend the books you want. I haven’t been using it long but I’ve already saved a few dollars by borrowing a book I’ve been wanting to read instead of buying it.

The big trick to is to take advantage of the free ebook offers that are frequently offered on I have literally hundreds of dollars of Kindle books that I didn’t have to pay for. Many of these are books that I’m not particularly interested in, but I “bought” because: 1) they were free, 2) they were highly rated, and 3) once they are no longer free I can lend them on If you don’t know where to find free Kindle books, check out Pixel of Ink.

Do you know any other ways to get free Kindle books? Please let me know! I’m a book addict.