Jacob Allred

About halfway through season 4 of Alias. One thing that drives me crazy is how these field-trained and battle-hardened agents close their eyes before shooting a gun. Umm.. Correct me if I’m wrong… But uhh.. Don’t you kind of need your eyes open in order to aim the gun?

Another annoyance: How come every tech gadget blinks and makes noise? If I were making a spy gadget, I’d probably make it as quiet as possible, and limit the flashy blinking lights. Especially on things like hidden bombs that attach to pipes and cars and stuff. And tracking devices. Doesn’t do you much good to have a tracking device attached to something if it beeps and blinks.

Same with the tricorders on Star Trek. They are always trying to sneak around with this massive blinking beeping futuristic Swiss Army knife.

Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a job as like a technology consultant for TV shows or movies or something. You know, to teach them that “teraflop” isn’t a valid storage capacity, and that a monitor isn’t capable of taking over a computer, even if you use a high tech business card sized one-size-fits-all computer hacking device. That one probably drives me crazy the most. It is a monitor people! M-O-N-I-T-O-R. It “monitor“‘s the computer. The only communication it has is telling the computer what brand and model it is, and maybe what its best resolution is. If you are trying to copy the hard drive (as they did on Alias a while back), the device would best be attached to the COMPUTER, where the hard drive actually is. Or maybe even try using a gasp USB device. Copying a metal disc spinning at 7200 RPM using a wireless iPod seems pretty unrealistic.

Anyways, just got an order at the Fake Name Generator I gotta fill.