A new homepage for my baby girl

Jacob Allred

I’m one of those weird techie dads that thinks everyone in the family should have their own domain name, so I bought a domain for my daughter shortly before she was born.

I’ve struggled to know what to put on it. I don’t really want yet another blog to maintain (I barely maintain the ones I already have) and she isn’t old enough to have created any content of her own. A picture gallery doesn’t seem useful when it is so much easier to just use Facebook for sharing photos. So what to do?

Last night I had a great idea: a personal landing page. A simple page that says who she is, has a photo of her, and links to a few sites that are likely to provide some interesting reading to family and friends. So this morning I whipped up something that I think turned out pretty dang cute. Check it out at AnnaAllred.net (the .com was already taken).