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Jacob Allred

So somebody apparently put my fake name generator on Digg. It is actually doing quite well (surprisingly). Over 500 diggs in under 5 hours. Over 30,000 generated names. I’ll have to add in the code to show how many unique IP’s. Fortunately I hadn’t gotten around to making the page pretty yet so no major bandwidth issues. The whole page is under 2KB.

It was rather exciting to see it listed on the frontpage of Digg, though. Too bad it is using the dev address instead of a more official one. I want to eventually move it over to the domain as one of my coding examples. Of course, I’ll make it actually look nice, too.

I think I’ll take Flex’s advice and add in middle initial. I thought about it earlier but chose against it, but probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Anyways, its like 4:30am and I should get to bed.

Update: 640 diggs, and 40,675 names generated. And I obviously haven’t gone to bed yet even though it is 6:15am.

Update2: 1368 diggs, and 92,444 names generated @ 11:45am. Neat.

Update3: 2006 diggs, and 164,025 names generated @ 7:45pm. Good.. It is finally slowing down a bit.