30 day challenge: Have lots of guests over

For October’s 30 day challenge we decided we wanted to have lots of guests over. We weren’t really sure how many, so we decided we wanted to have guests over at least five times (once a week). It ended up being a ton of fun and it had the unanticipated side effect of getting us to pick up our house more regularly. Although it won’t be a goal that we track in the future, we’ll probably continue to invite people over as often as possible.

  1. Becca’s Visiting Teachers. It was of course more of their idea to come over than ours, but Becca and Anna loved having them over and they stayed for quite a while so we’re counting it.
  2. Becca’s Yale friends for dinner and games. It was pretty fun. Becca made lasagna then we played Settlers of Catan.
  3. More of Becca’s Yale friends for dinner and games. Again, very fun. Becca made lasagna (again) and we played High-Bid (from back when 3M made games instead of post-its). We ended the night with an hour or so of Loopin’ Louie.
  4. The missionaries. We had the missionaries over for dinner. They are good company and always leave us with a great short lesson.
  5. Pumpkin carving. We invited some friends over to carve pumpkins with us. It went well.

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