2011 Goal Update (February)

This is my second monthly report on how I’m doing with my goals for 2011:

  • Read the Book of Mormon again. Well I’ve fallen behind a bit. Okay, a lot. I’m lazy. I’ll catch up though, I promise…
  • Earn as much from my side business as I do from my day job. It has been a crazy month. Revenue was up, revenue was down, revenue was up, revenue was down… Crazy. Not sure what is going on. The Fake Name Generator API revenue is way up though which is real exciting.
  • Build a dining room table. Build a piano keyboard desk. Build something. We keep flip-flopping on what we want, so this goal is on hold while I figure out what the heck I should build.
  • Launch twelve new websites. Last month’s MEID Converter is doing surprisingly well. This month I’ve been working on Nephi.net, which is a website to find LDS images with open licenses. I don’t plan on making money on this site, but it is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while. I’ve nearly finished the main functionality and design of the site.

I’ve also been working on a few goals that I didn’t originally blog about:

  • Max out my 401k and Roth IRA contributions. I got the 401k set up at work.
  • Get out of debt. We paid off about half the student loans, and will probably pay the other half after tax time.
  • Start an email newsletter. Still debating a topic. I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of options.
  • Create a game for mobile phones. Haven’t put any time into this yet.
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Firefox 4 Beta Team

Firefox 4 Beta Team

I got home from a business trip yesterday and found an awesome Firefox 4 Beta Team t-shirt waiting for me. Very cool!

You may recall that I wrote a search engine add-on a few months ago. Well Mozilla offered free t-shirts to developers that got their add-ons ready for Firefox 4 by January 7, and since my add-on is just a search engine add-on it was already compatible. I filled out the form saying my add-on was compatible but didn’t really expect to get the t-shirt. Luckily whoever processed the t-shirt requests wasn’t very picky so I qualified for the shirt.

Anyways, I’m holding the t-shirt instead of wearing it because it still has nasty new unwashed t-shirt smell. Also, this is a picture of the back of the shirt. The front has a stylized Firefox logo on it. Also, I was super tired when this picture was taken, so I may look a little out of it.

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Re-downloading pending Windows updates

Update 2/26/2011: I neglected to mention that this fix is normally only needed for Windows XP. Windows 7 appears to have some auto-fix thing built-in, and I’ve never had this issue with Windows Vista.

I’ve often run into an issue where a Windows update is downloaded but can’t be installed. No matter how many times I tell it to install the update, Windows Update just says that the update failed. Very frustrating.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a solution, and it is so very simple:

  1. Temporarily stop the Automatic Updates service.
  2. Open c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
  3. Delete everything in that folder. These are just the installers for the updates you’ve already installed, so it won’t hurt anything.
  4. Open Windows Update and pick the update that you’ve been having trouble with. It will be re-downloaded and, with any luck, it will install without any issues.
  5. Start the Automatic Updates service.

Hope this helps someone. Or at the very least it will help me when I run into the issue again in a few months.

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