The amazing config.nice

I think most anyone who compiles their software from scratch has run into this problem: They want to re-compile but can’t remember what configure options they used.

For PHP, you can use phpinfo(), but what about Apache? Or OpenSSL? Or APC?

It turns out that most packages create a config.nice when you compile them that contains all the options you picked. To recompile with the same options, just run ./config.nice instead of ./configure. You can also edit that file to change your options, or just copy/paste the contents directly to the command line.

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LastPass Really Works

I’ve always hated password managers. They’ve always seemed klunky, inconvenient, and poorly thought out. This all changed with LastPass.

LastPass, like other passwords manager, lets you save your passwords. So what makes it better?

  • It is free. They have a paid version, but it doesn’t give any extra functionality that I need.
  • It works directly in your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, your phone, etc…).
  • It can auto-login to websites.
  • It can generate passwords automatically.
  • It knows when you log into a website, and asks if you want to save your username and password with almost no effort on your part.
  • Your passwords are saved, encrypted, in the cloud (no more worries about losing your only copy!).
  • Passwords are cached in your client so you don’t have to worry about not being able to log in if their server goes down.

And best of all, it simply works. I was up and running in minutes, and got so addicted to it the first day that I installed it on all my computers.

Download it at

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