Rhyta Arcade

I’m always looking to start new, zero maintenance sites. A website only has to earn about $1/month in order to be profitable, so even a tiny low-earning site can bring in long-term profit.

My latest zero maintenance site is Rhyta Arcade, a free Flash game arcade site. My games come from Mochi (which is great because they insert pre-roll ads into the games and pay CPM/PPC for them) so I don’t have to do any hard work on getting them into my site. I have AdSense on every page to earn a little from advertising. Mix in a bit of traffic and voila! An instant (low) profit center!

So how is it doing? In its first 27 days it has earned $1.07, more than the goal of $1/month! While I wouldn’t call this a raging success, it definitely looks promising and, if the trend continues, was well worth the ~2 hours I put into developing the site.

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Review: What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson

I’ve had some bad luck with books lately.

First, I finished What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson. Aside from the horrible writing style (oh wo is us! the after life for bad people is soooo horrible you just can’t even imagine. like seriously. its really really awful!), the doctrine it tries to teach is so far from the truth and so detrimental to the development of any good society or individual that it was literally painful to hear.

For example, the doctrine of reincarnation, mixed with karma, is taught in the hopes of making people be good in this life. In reality, I think most people would use karma like their credit cards: charge up a huge debt now (sin) and file bankruptcy later (be born in a new life with no recollection of the previous one).

The next book I tried, Faithless by Karin Slaughter, had some serious adult content issues so had to be given up pretty early.

So I tried again with The God of War by Marisa Silver, and ran into the same issue.

Anyways, I’d greatly appreciate some recommendations if anyone has any!

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