New Old Theme

Around 2 years ago I customized a theme for, but then never really got around to using It is a pretty nice theme. Looks pretty sharp, has a custom made language translation tool (I’m pretty proud of it), has page tabs, etc etc. I figured no point in wasting the effort, so I’ve copied the theme to this site.

The translations are provided by Google and probably suck, and I doubt any non-English people care to read my random rants and crap, but whatever, it’s a neat feature.

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I'm a dad!

So Becca and I had a baby. Pretty surprising considering Becca wasn’t pregnant, no?

There is an app on Facebook called Make a Baby and so Becca and I decided to practice some parenting skills on a virtual kid before ruining a real one. So far, things aren’t going terribly well.

First of all, the kid is pretty bipolar. One minute he hates bubble gum flavored toothpaste, the next he loves it. What is up with that? Who doesn’t like bubble gum flavored toothpaste?!

Second, Quinten is a bit of a wuss. I keep taking him to the sandbox so he can play with other kids, but they keep throwing sand at him. I haven’t found the “beat up the bully” button yet, so hopefully Quinten will toughen up and take care of the bullies on his own.

Last, and most important, I didn’t get a Father’s Day card, a Father’s Day hug, a Father’s Day tie, or anything! I realize that he is only a week or two old, but this is pretty basic stuff. Even a phone call would have been enough…

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