Hit and Run

Becca and I were going out yesterday evening, so I drive up to her dorm and park on the side of the road, completely out of the way of traffic/vehicles/etc, to wait for her to come down. Becca ends up breaking a bottle in her room so she takes a bit longer than originally expected, so I lay back in my seat to take a little nap.

All of a sudden *BAM* someone smacks my car. I’m thinking, dangit Becca why’d you run up and hit my car? But then I look over and see a girl in a car starting to drive away from my car. I’m like, what the freak? So I hop out, and the girl doesn’t stop. I memorize the plate number and then chase the girl’s car into the road and then have to pound on her windows before she stops. Finally she rolls down her window and is like “oh I didn’t think I actually hit your car”. I’m like riiiggghhhttt..

So anyways she finally drives back to the scene of the crime and is all “like oh my gosh I totally have never had this happen before” and gives me her insurance information. She then tries to assure me that she wasn’t trying to just drive off, but somehow didn’t notice the giant jolt of her car hitting mine.

So she dented on of my door panels and pretty badly cracked the panel that wraps around the doors. I’m not exactly sure what the next step is. I left message with my dad so hopefully he’ll call me back and tell me what to do. The girl wants an estimate so she can decide whether to pay out of pocket or claim it on her insurance. My guess is it will cost more than she’ll want to pay out of pocket. The panel she broke is pretty big so its like half the car is damaged.

Anyways, moral of the story: Don’t hit a car and run! I was already whipping out my cell phone getting ready to report the hit and run. I don’t know what the penalty in Virginia is, but in California it is normally 6 months in jail.

Anyways, I guess I’m off to the dealer to get an estimate on the repairs.

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