Life is frustrating.

So lately I’ve been busy dealing with an absolutely crazy amount of insanity. Seriously. It is ridiculuos.

But I really don’t feel like going into that right now, so we’ll talk about something else.

Well my new job is going well. I finally have an office and should be getting my first pay check soon, so it is feeling more normal. My office is actually pretty nice. Small, but nice. I have a lovely view of the parking garage through my windows, and spacious desk. I even have a portable whiteboard thing. Very handy for when I’m trying to decide the best way to make something work (like a webpage or whatever).

But it doesn’t have anything on the walls (other than scuff marks) so I went out today to try to find something cheap to put up. We (my brother and I) started by going to a church yard sale. One of those fund raising things. Normally those make awesome yard sales, but this one was just plain crappy. A bunch of trash. Like literally. Trash. Stuff that should’ve just been thrown away. So we gave up on that and eventually went to Goodwill (took a bit to find it..). Again, horrible disappointment. In addition to smelling like a grandma (who died last week and hasn’t been discovered yet), the selection was terrible. Their electronics section consisted of empty shelves, an old typewriter, and random parts from random devices, none of which would be remotely useful on their own. And they only had like 5 pictures and they were awful. Even the book selection was terrible. They only had like two bookshelves, and they were built into the wall so they weren’t even very big.
Speaking of their books, they had a funny sign up. If I weren’t feeling so lazy, I’d put up the picture I took of it. It looked something like this:


We listened to your comments!

Well there was some more on the sheet after that, but it took some thinking to figure out why they might possibly have headlined the document with the word “oops”. It makes it sound like they messed up by listening to the customers or something.

Anyways. So in addition to the artwork for the wall, I’ve been looking for a coin bank. I forgot my piggy bank at my old house, and so I need a new coin bank to keep my change in. No luck so far. Wal-Mart didn’t have any. Target didn’t have any. Goodwill didn’t have any (okay they had one.. but it was atrociously ugly and was missing the little rubber thing at the bottom that keeps the change from falling out). That yard sale didn’t have any. So I decided to go to the antique mall downtown. It was closed! The freaking place closes at 5:30pm every day! What the crap! So I either have to run there after work and franctically search for a coin bank, or wait until next Saturday. Freak. So frustrating. I had forgotten how annoying it is working till 5pm and having everything closed by the time you get the chance to go and.. uhh.. go there.

So I decided to work on my car some. By work on my car, I mean clean it. It was gross. Very gross. You know that lever thing by the steering wheel that you use to switch gears? It was literally coated in this thick layer of grime. Disgusting. The whole car was pretty gross. Obviously no one had cleaned it while I was gone. So I got it looking a lot nicer. Removed my sister’s Care Bears from the rear-view mirror. Removed my mom’s Minnie Mouse antenna topper. Cleaned the bugs off of the headlights. The normal stuff.

Did I tell you about Joey’s truck? Funny stuff. See Joey wanted a sun roof in his truck, but didn’t want to pay a lot for it. He decided was going to go to the junk yard and see if there was something decent he could pull for a good price, but he got impatient before he got the chance and ended up cutting a hole in his roof. Using a Rubbermade lid as a template. Seriously. He just whipped out the Skilsaw (or whatever he used) and put a nice big hole in his roof. But he’s a smart guy, so he went and bought himself some plastic to cover it up when it rains. Unfortunately, he didn’t finish the bolting process before a nice big storm rolled in and, while he was out driving, a gust of wind ripped the plastic right off and left him stuck. In the rain. With a hole in his roof. Funny stuff. He tells the story better.

So I sent off the paperwork for my CWP (concealed weapon permit) a few days ago. Amazingly easy to get. SC requires an 8 hour class (basically on whatever the teacher wants to teach about guns and gun law), a written test that any idiot can pass (70% is passing), and a range test that even I passed with a 98% (70% passing). Please note that that was the first time I had shot a gun of any kind in at least 3 years (probably closer to 5, but not positive). So again, anyone (barring physical disabilities) should be able to pass that test. So basically it just cost time and $50. And now I wait a month or two for the permit to arrive in the mail. It is kind of nice because they are legally obligated to give me the permit. Sure, they’ll run a background check and all that, but I’ve never even gotten a ticket so no problems there. Interesting side note, in SC if you have ever had 6 traffic tickets in a 5 year period during anytime of your life, then you are not eligible for a CWP. Weird, huh? Must be some kind of correlation to crime or something.

Anyways. Thats that.

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Crazy busy and random stuff

Yikes I’ve been busy! Let’s see… what has happened lately:

Well I moved to Columbia. No not that country in South America. The capital of South Carolina. Didn’t you people have to learn state capitals in school? Jeesh. Anyways. I’m living here in an apartment with no TV, no internet (well, sort of.. I have a wifi card and the people around me have internet, so I’m sort of borrowing a bit of internet until the cable gets hooked up…), no washer/dryer (they were supposed to be here when we got here, but they weren’t. so they were supposed to be here today, but they aren’t. and they are supposed to be here monday, but I doubt it.), and no… umm… uhh… *looking around for anything else that might be missing* no breadmaker. Thats right. No freaking breadmaker. Stupid apartment. How the crap am I supposed to live without a breadmaker? Jeesh.

But anyways I’m hopefully gonna start looking for a duplex or four-plex or something-or-other soon and buy it. It would be nice to have something a little more permanent.

But I got a job. So now I’m a little more busy. I work from 9am to 5pm in downtown Columbia (well, I drive my brother to school, so I get to work at around 8am and play on the internet for 45 minutes or so…) at an ISP. Right now I’m doing like tier2/tier3 tech support, a bit of web development (real basic kid stuff.. nothing special..), some server admin stuff (trying to fix the spam situation on our mail servers), and testing DSL modems. Fun fun. Quite a variety actually. Its fun though. Joey works in the office across from mine. Well, across from the boss’s office, actually. My office is currently occupied by another employee, so until that employee is gone, I am borrowing the boss’s office, which works out because he is out of town. Not sure whats going to happen when he gets back in town. In fact, I haven’t even met the boss in person yet. Not even sure what he looks like. I kind of picture a guy who is maybe average height, a bit skinny, always smiling (or at least grinning), and constantly on his cell phone. One of those people who can’t hold still for 5 minutes. Probably the kind of person who looks you straight in the eye when talking to you. Sort of a salesman kind of person. But honestly I don’t have a clue cause I’ve never met the man.

Joey, by the way, served in the same mission that I did. He is pretty good with computers. We are hopefully going to work on a few projects together (outside of work) and make some money. We both have some great webpage ideas, and both would be much easier to accomplish with our different areas of expertise combined, so a partnership should work great.

So downtown Columbia is weird. From one spot you can see 5 or 6 parking garages, all on the same street, all real close to each other, none even close to capacity. Kind of silly really. And then they want like $150/month to park there. Yeah right. Parking on the street is only $35/month. For over $100/month price difference I think I can walk a block or two. They aren’t even real city blocks. They are these weak sauce wussy blocks. Tiny. And half of downtown is made up of churches. I’d say downtown consists of:

  • 40% church
  • 40% parking garage
  • 15% food
  • 5% office

I don’t know how it finances itself. I guess the food industry is what keeps it going. Or the churches. Maybe the city makes everyone pay tithing or something. I don’t know.

Anyways, I should probably go to bed or something. I’m pretty tired. And I have to sleep in tomorrow, and you know how exhausting that can be. So goodnight.

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Funny Blog Spam

Anyone who has a blog is used to blog spam. Basically, people run programs that will find blogs and put spam in the comments. Some of these programs try to disguise the spam by making it sound like a real message. Fortunately, my spam blocker catches 99.99% of all spam, and the rest is pretty easy to filter out on my own.

But anyways, I’m writing this because sometimes the blog spam is pretty funny. I get this one almost every day:

hi,your blog is google ! I like it very much! I’m agreeable to your point of view! I hope to make feiends with you ! please remember me .my name is 深圳机票 of chinese. I come from hongkong.

Hehehe.. My blog is google? What the crap does that mean? And he wants to be my feiend? The chinese characters are always the part linked to the spam page (which is clever.. most people will click them to find out what the chinese characters mean..).

I don’t get why people bother nowadays. Anyone who knows anything runs Akismet so none of the spam gets through, and half the time the spam is malformed so it won’t show up properly anyway.

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Free $5 Gift Certificate to CSTV Team Shops online store

I won this gift certificate a couple months ago and have no intention of using it, so whoever wants it can take it. The “promotional gift certificate code” is 6971475ba. It is good for $5 towards a purchase at

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Dove Hair Moisturizer

So Dove sent me a few hair care samples (shampoo, conditioner, gel, and hair moisturizer) the other day. I’ve never heard of a hair moisturizer so I thought I’d give it a shot. So I read the instructions to make sure it was something you leave in and wasn’t a wash-out product (like shampoo), and then took a shower so my hair would be damp (as instructed), and proceeded to apply the goop to my hair.

First impression: Gross! It felt terribly nasty rubbing that stuff into my hair. It is a fairly thick substance (considering it is moisturizer), and was very very difficult to spread evenly throughout my hair. When I was done applying it I was left with matted, gross/greasy hair. Very uncomfortable.

But I figured maybe it takes a bit for it to “work in” or something. So I left it on overnight. Nope. No improvement. Had to shampoo my hair twice just to get the gunk out.

Moral of the story: Don’t moisturize your hair. It’s hair. It isn’t even alive. Just clean it every now and then and you’ll be fine.

On a different topic altogether, I came across the Star Wars Holiday Special earlier today. What a horrible video! Even worse than Episode I if you can believe it. It has a bunch of these horribly long boring scenes, like Chewbacca Jr. watching TV, or Mrs. Chewbacca cooking dinner. Soooo boring. Not recommended viewing.

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