Jehovah's Witnesses

So I got tracted into today by a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I let them give their little presentation and give me a copy of the Watchtower and Awake!. I’ve got a good little collection of JW tracts and pamphlets since serving a mission in Utah (tons of JW missionaries in Utah), so it will be interesting to see what these issues have to say. I’ll post again when they come back to follow up.

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New Lyrics for Flavor of the Week by American Hi-Fi

Elder Whitehurst made these:

It’s Monday night and we’re not alone
We’re together with our zone
We wait for mail but it don’t come
And we’re looking pretty bummed
But then the zone leaders appear
And they tell me news I want to hear
The mission cut by half a year


My mission, it was fun, but I’m glad now it’s done
I’ll go home, Nintendo, I wish that this could truly be
I would be home later this week…

It’s Tuesday day and there’s no way
That I’m getting out of bed
The P-day’s here, my cmops a queer
And these hot girls live really near
So I think that we’re alone, but there
Mom calls president on the phone, and
It looks like I’ll be going home


It’s Wednesday morn, a new transfers born
And I’m feelin pretty worn
6 weeks to go, the works not slow
It’ll be over before I know
I’ll get off the plane to cheers
My ex-girlfriend will be in tears
This is not what I had feared


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Dating Site Commercial (And a bit of Time Warner, too)

So I heard a rather annoying radio commercial the other day (and the following day, and the day after that…) for a local dating website. So what made it annoying?

The main advertising point of this commercial is that other websites ELIMINATE possibilities using, gasp, SCIENCE. Where’s the love? Where’s the personal touch? This website doesn’t use SCIENCE or ELIMINATE any possibilities, what it does is GIVE YOU possibilities based on your totally non-science DATING PROFILE.

Perhaps I’m just dense or stupid or something, but aren’t they basically saying, “We don’t do it like everybody else: We do it like everybody else”? Freaking morons. Egh. I hate advertisers that blatantly lie or twist the truth and don’t even do a good job of covering it up.

Kind of like those anti-satellite commercials ran by Time Warner cable. They show people on their roofs adjusting their dish, or people getting crappy reception because of a light drizzle. What a bunch of crap! I had a satellite dish for YEARS and NEVER had to go anywhere near the roof. The satellite people install it, and then it sits there. Unless a meteorite flies out of the sky and hits your dish to knock off its alignment, then you don’t have any reason to go on the roof. Not to mention it takes a bit more than a little rain storm to knock out your satellite TV. And where do you think the cable people get THEIR television? From a freaking satellite dish! They are advertising against themselves! Someone should run a commercial about the cable company on their roof trying to adjust THEIR satellite dish.

I don’t like the RoadRunner cable commercials either. They have one that shows two beakers, one getting filled with “internet” using a DSL line, and the other being filled with “internet” using a cable line. DSL isn’t that much slower than cable, especially the way RoadRunner has been lately. Blazing fast one minute, freaking slow the next. And its not just mine, I’ve asked around. Its a wide spread problem. How does Time Warner make any money anyway? Half of the commercials are advertising themselves. I thought TV was supposed to be supported by ads for other companies, not ads for yourself.

Anyways, thats my rant.

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